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So one night, I made a thing... [DPSM roadmap]

I created a website and overnight, I got 15,000 unique visitors. So to keep people updated here is a road map and a short (jk, it’s long) “what happened so far”. πŸ€“

Not interested in the story? Jump straight to the road map.

What this post is about

The current state of the project

The current state of the project

I’m talking about the site dead by daylight perk slot machine or dpsm for short. The whole thing revolves around a game called “Dead by Daylight” or DbD for short. If you don’t know the game, this post might not be that interesting for you. Maybe go play the game and come back later. πŸ˜‰

In Dead by Daylight, each character is able to choose up to four special abilities (perks) per match from a total of 54 as “killer” or 59 as “survivor” character.

Usually, you want to make sure that those perks match and give you certain advantages, depending on the combination of said perks. But once in a while, it’s nice to give yourself a challenge. This is where a perk roulette comes in handy. It’s some sort of service that randomly chooses a perk for you.

And to be fair, there are already a few of those perk roulettes out there, most of them using Wheel Decide in one form or another. So why did I feel the need to create another one?

What happened so far

Creating dpsm wasn’t even my idea. A big DbD youtuber appealed his viewers to get him a new per roulette since he wasn’t satisfied with his current solution. I was a bit late to the party when first seeing that call but decided to give it a shot.

As developers, often times we create stuff that immediately is forgotten, a lot of times even before anyone else sees it, even more often before it’s even finished. Some times because the idea was bad, to begin with, some times because we just wanted to tinker around anyway. And I expected this to be no exception, especially since I hacked it together during two evenings while being sick with some flu.

So why did I create it then? When I thought about how you could create a wheel wit like 60 perks on it so that it still looks good, I had an idea. Why not create something like a slot machine? And why not make it so people could configure which perks they have and which they don’t?

A typical slot machine

A typical slot machine

I’m not sure if you know that urge to create something, but after getting that idea stuck in my head I just had to make it a reality. If only to prove to myself that it is a better solution than a wheel.

So I smashed together some libraries, created a bash script in order to create sprites and the result was rather satisfying.

Since I’m already hosting this blog using netlify I just created a new subdomain, wrote said youtuber a DM on twitter and called it a day.

There never was a response. Although that made me somewhat sad, it’s totally understandable. That guy probably gets more messages daily than I do my entire life. πŸ˜„

So I decided to put that thing on the DbD forums. Maybe some people think it’s useful you never know. Well, a lot of people thought it’s useful. The simple analytics tool I added to the site exploded to 300 visits!

A few hours in, while getting very nice feedback, a (not so) little oversight on my side came back to haunt me: In my eager to get that thing done I didn’t credit anyone I based my work on. And since I’m more of an engineer than an artist, I grabbed almost every single image from the DbD wiki. So DocOctober, the Head Admin from said wiki, was like “wtf dude?” and rightfully so. I gave credit, he was a nice person, everything shiny.

And then, driving home from work, a notification came in “not_Queen commented o your thread”. not_Queen is the DbD Community Manager. Naturally, I was excited. Then another notification popped up, she had sent me a private message! I managed to not look at my phone while driving, not knowing if this will be a “hey, nice work” or a “we will copyright claim the shit out of you” message.

It was appreciation, she liked my work and I was flattered. Remember that paragraph above that says a lot of stuff never is seen by others? So yeah, good times! Some messages later, she asked me if it’s ok to tweet about the site and sure, why not. πŸ˜ƒ

Fast forward to the tweet (insert echo in your head), my viewer counter went through the roof and twitter was going crazy, at least in terms of what I’m used to.

A lot of very positive messages, some weird criticism and a lot of valuable feedback later, I’m happy. I know the numbers will decline quickly, but since a lot of people now know about dpsm, it will be put to use. And that’s indeed a very, very good feeling. Thank you all for being part of that! πŸ’™

The road map

In its current state, the site is nice, but far from perfect. So two friends of mine joined in and together we will make everything a bit more fluffy. Shoutout to moe and tobbe!

Without further ado, here’s the road map:

Currently worked at

  • Porting the code base from duct tape and hope to vueJS
  • Better visual appearance
  • Animating the reels using animation frames without libraries

Next up

  • Publish the new Vue-based version when it’s done
  • Make the source code repository publicly available on GitHub
  • Create a roulette for killer and survivor characters
  • Install a translation system

In the future / recurrent

  • Update with new survivors/killers and their perks
  • Listen to feedback πŸ˜‰

Sneak peek

The new, unfinished perk selection screen. πŸ‘€

The new, unfinished perk selection screen. πŸ‘€

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