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It could be so easy. I sit down in front of my greenscreen, start XSplit, game a little and entertain people on twitch while playing.

Well, it is. In theory. Nevertheless, after three years I quit for the time being. Since I met a lot of wonderful people, I write this as the first post of my new blog, explaining the why. I owe that to you, and I don’t want to dissapear into the night without a word.

The road so far

I started streaming at April 15. 2015 on hitbox.tv, which now is assimilated by smashcast. The reason was simple. A battlechriden, friend of mine, asked me to. Until today, that’s about three years of streaming, and it was an awesome journey.

So, the road… I switched from hitbox to twitch.tv in May 2016 for a number of reasons. Mainly because I did not believe in the future of hitbox and some technical limitations I don’t remember anymore.

Up until today, I was a irregular twitch streamer, trying to stream once a week. I never had a high viewer count, on hitbox around 30 per Stream, on twitch in the end a maximum of seven viewers per stream. That is a steady decline, although the technical quality of my stream increased over time. More expensive equipment, faster internet. I just recently bought a new PC for the stream.

So here I am, all ready and set, I have the equipment and at the moment, I don’t want to stream anymore.

In this post I will explain why and what will happen next.

Good old times

First, let me explain why I streamed for so long anyway.

3stadt as Tevje in Anatevka

3stadt as Tevje in Anatevka

I was an avid amateur actor in school. When I was out of school I stopped acting, I wanted to become a programmer and keeping acting as a hobby would have been very time consuming. Nevertheless I still love the feeling I get on stage. In the meantime I became a professional speaker at tech conferences and I do videos for my company. Both of these are very fulfilling and I have a lot of fun. Streaming was something that fitted perfectly. You get your public appearance and a direct connection to the audience.

It is a joy talking to you people, knowing how much fun you have watching the stream. When there’s activity in the chat and I realize I can take you on a little journey, I’m happy.

To emphasize on this: The last three years were amazing. I like my viewers, especially the old-timers. But all new viewer as well, of course.

So far so good, why the decision to stop streaming for an indefinite amount of time? Let’s get to part two.

The bad

The gist of the following is: Streaming isn’t fun anymore.

There is more than one reasond and the sum of it all lead to the decision to stop streaming. No one is to blame.

The nice technology

Since some time ago there were technical issues with the stream, and it didn’t stop. In case you don’t know, I’m using a two PC setup. Why? Because I already had a fairly powerful laptop, but at some point it wasn’t enough power for streaming and playing at the same time. So I bought a relatively cheap gaming PC and an HDMI grabber and used the laptop as streaming PC.

Eventually the laptop died. So I bought a new PC as replacement. Again, cheap is relative to the amount of money it would have cost to buy a powerful gaming PC that could have done both.

The new PC brought new problem. The video was stuttering or stopping completely. I don’t know why, my last guess was it could be something with the RAM.

This alone would be solvable. I could have used just one PC and switch to games that don’t need much power.

But there is another reason for my decision.


I always said one viewer is enough. As long as I can entertain at least one person, everything is fine. And that is still the case. Yet, when I only have a few followers sometimes just no one is able to show up and that doesn’t feel very good. I don’t blame anyone, my stream isn’t some sort of mandatory college class. It is just entertainment. If someone wants to be entertained and I’m streaming at this moment, fine. I am not exactly the newest episode of Game of Thrones.

On hitbox I streamed way more often than in the last two years and that’s noticeable. Streaming less means I get less new follower so less people may have time when I am are streaming.

To always have an active chat I would have to stream more often and more regularly. Something I can’t do at the moment. Still, no big deal. I could sort that out. And just to make that clear, I didn’t stream for nobody all the time. There were always some of my viewers there.

That leads me to the next thing.

Game selection

Eventually one of my oldest viewers said goodbye, because he didn’t like the stream anymore. Although it was a sad moment, it was ok. Things happen. Recently another viewer used the 3stadt Telegram chat to say goodbye, with love words.

The main reason for that was the game selection in the stream. For quite some time I almost exclusively play Dead by Daylight, a game some people simply don’t like.

Of course I can play other games, just: If it isn’t that much fun for me, the audience feels the same. Despite that I already changed my selection, since games like the witcher are nevertheless fun.

On the bottom line, I think it was the combination of a short range and an unpopular game selection that is the reason behind the steadily decreasing viewer count. I should add to that: I started streaming on hitbox with Zelda. A game series that has a small but fanatical community of fans. At least the fanatical part is rather small.


When I sit down in front of my greenscreen, knowing the stuff isn’t working well and the games I play aren’t interesting for most of the people it is hard to start a stream. That’s not severe. I am neither sad nor angry, the consequence simply is to stop streaming for a while.

The reason for me to write this whole sermon is the same the viewer had to write her long goodbye: I really like you viewers and I think you should know what’s happening at the other side of the screen.

The future

I will stream again, eventually. It will be different, maybe even in english. In any case I won’t be streaming games anymore, it will be in the category “Creative”.

Currently I have two ideas for that, for both I need time to decide if I want to do that and if so, in which way and more importantly: If I dare to do it.

It’s rather simple to stream while you are gaming and try to be funny. But doing something creative means putting your heart out there. So, I don’t know what will happen in the future, but eventually I will be streaming again. And who knows, maybe the content will entertain you.

Thank you

And while we’re on this subject: Thanks to all who accompanied me so far. Thanks to all tze subs, thanks for being a viewer and thanks for breathing live into the chat. I really hope the text doesn’t sound sad or bitter. I’ve had a wonderful time with you all and I am thankful for you being there. It was a wonderful andventure.

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